Elissa Lueckemeyer RDN, LD, owner of Food 4 Success, LLC

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and share my passion. Let me start off by saying, I really like good food and want you to enjoy good food too. Life is way too short to not enjoy your food, or let feelings of uncertainty or guilt get in the way.  I have experienced those feelings myself first hand, actually. Before dietetics, my passion was becoming a professional ballet dancer. Unfortunately, not understanding how to properly fuel my body really stunted my performance goals with fatigue and injury. I also had friends and family that were struggling with chronic diseases they were trying to manage, but were left frustrated and confused by an overload of misleading and conflicting diet advice.  Thus, another passion was born. I attended Texas State University to earn my Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition with a minor in Chemistry from Texas State University-San Marcos, and then graduated from Texas State University’s Dietetic Internship in 2010.  As a registered dietitian licensed in the state of Texas, I have been equipped with the education, life experiences and training to provide individuals of all backgrounds CREDIBLE, evidence-based nutrition therapy and recommendations. These services provide results for life, while facilitating positive relationships with food. It brings me such great joy to see my client’s health improve, see their goals being reached, and have them STILL enjoy what they eat! What a blessing to get to do this for a living!

I am a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, South Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and have experience in many clinical settings including long-term care and rehabilitation, as well as in personal nutritional counseling. I have enjoyed writing numerous online and print nutrition publications including Moxie Magazine, TheNest.com, LiveStrong.com, Modern Mom Nutrition, and for the Houston Chronicle, as well as maintaining my own nutrition blog, Wholesome Simplicity.  I have served as the company dietitian for Ballet San Antonio and as the lead dietitian at New Braunfels Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.

I am a firm believer in natural, whole foods, and that a healthy eating lifestyle should be about the small, positive changes rather than achieving “diet perfection.” I do not condone diets for weight loss. They stink, have the word “die” in them, and as I’ve seen time after time, DO NOT WORK. Diets in this case are temporary and usually cause more harm than good, including destroying your metabolism with yo-yo results. I am much more interested in helping individuals achieve permanent results through behavioral change lifestyle therapies and nutrition education. I am also very passionate about medical nutrition therapy – using food to help manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, cancer, and more. I provide enteral nutrition support for individuals on tube-feedings. I also enjoy helping medical organizations and businesses help their patients or employees meet health goals through wellness presentations on a variety of topics. I love developing online courses, so people can gain helpful tips whenever is convenient for them.

Other fun facts: I am a very messy cook–ask my husband. I love seafood, chocolate, and doing pirouettes in my kitchen without breaking anything. I am the very proud mama of Matthew and Emily. When I was pregnant, I craved Whataburger. Much of this business has been built on nap-times.

I am pleased to announce Food 4 Success, LLC is now a GROUP practice, so let me introduce you to our new dietitan, Atlanta Macklin!


Atlanta Macklin RDN, LD

Hi, I’m Atlanta (not from Georgia!). I come all the way from Alaska with several years of clinical experience, providing medical nutrition therapy and creating individualized nutrition plans with positive outcomes.

Before relocating to central Texas, I spent time with Providence Alaska Medical Center where I worked primarily in acute care, but also with oncology, cardiac and renal patients. I then  moved over to Alaska Regional Hospital as the Clinical Nutrition/Patient Services Manager and was able to spend time working with patients healing from a variety of medical conditions. Most recently I was at St. Elias Specialty Hospital and Rehab Facility working mostly in wound care, but also covered weight loss, diabetes and heart failure.

In addition to joining the Food 4 Success team, I am currently the lead dietitian at Cross Creek Behavioral Health Hospital in Austin.

I am really looking forward to helping you reach your nutrition goals and am especially excited to help those of you who may be struggling with any underlying or recently diagnosed medical conditions.

I am a firm believer that even small changes to what and how food is consumed can produce sizeable life-changing results. I practice with a holistic, evidence-based approach and am excited to help you achieve your health and nutrition goals without excluding the foods you love to eat. It will be fun, I promise!

More about me:  I have enjoyed a plant-based diet for almost twenty years. I am the world’s proudest dog mom. I love yoga, gardening and baking.

How We Work

Food 4 Success’s mission is to equip individuals and families with empowerment, knowledge, and tools to improve their nutrition and have long-term success in their health goals. Success can be accomplished through 4 major principles:

Motivation: Working together to discover what motivates YOU and helping you maintain that motivation throughout your journey.
Individualism: Everybody is different, so everyone needs their own plans tailored to their own lifestyle and medical history.
Knowledge: Empowering you with scientific and evidence-based nutrition recommendations to make the best decisions for YOUR health.
Encouragement: Acting as a source of encouragement and accountability when making big lifestyle changes with small goal setting.

 Nutritional coaching and counseling is a process. We did not learn how we eat now in one day, and we should definitely not put pressure on ourselves to change it all in one day. For most, desired results will not be achieved just after one session, but with several sessions that include behavioral change therapy, ongoing nutrition education, support, continued goal setting, and accountability. There is so much to learn and process, so it is important to allow yourself time and give yourself credit when any goals are achieved along the way.

Many programs out there hand you a generic meal plan with maybe some limited instruction. The results are usually temporary, if any. The problem with this is often the lack of support, education, and individualized counseling from a credentialed professional. No one plan fits all, and there are endless variations in people’s needs, medical history, lifestyle habits, etc. This is why after many frustrating attempts, my clients come here. At Food 4 Success, you get all these tools and a tailored plan that aims for sustainable results. Nutritional counseling IS a commitment and an investment, but it is a commitment and investment in yourself that you will not regret. Improving your relationship with food and learning how to eat for your health AND your happiness dramatically improves your quality of life, prevents or manages various health conditions, saves thousands of dollars in future healthcare costs, and so much more. We proudly say this with confidence, because we have had the privilege of seeing it happen time after time.

If you have any questions, please reach out! Contact me for a “discovery” call to see if our services a good fit for your needs!