Food 4 Success, LLC is proud to partner with EatLove to provide personalized and customizable meal plans. This technology creates delicious weekly plans that are tailored to you, taking into your account your health conditions, health goals, allergies, preferences, and more.

What does EatLove do?

This program provides weekly meal plans based off your nutrition prescription provided by your registered dietitian, Elissa. These are meal plans that pull from over 6,000 dietitian-curated recipes. Want a different recipe for a certain meal? You can easily swap out recipes with equivalent nutrient value. Feeding a family? The recipes take that into account as well. From your meal plan, EatLove automatically generates grocery lists to make shopping easier. EatLove has been shown to save time and money, with an average of 120 minutes saved weekly and meals averaging at a cost of $3.83 per serving.

Packages Include:

-Free 15 minute set-up consultation with Elissa RDN, LD
-Weekly meal plans [portioning included] for 1-7
  days/week, includes 1-3 meals and snacks
-Access to over 6,000 dietitian-curated recipes
-Different cooking levels for different skill sets
-Recipes are step-by-step and include photos
-Smart grocery list
-Food prep guide
-Food tracking
-Optional online grocery shopping through
  AmazonFresh, where available.
-HIPAA compliant

How Can EatLove Help Me?

We all aim to eat better, but life happens and it can be difficult. A registered dietitian can equip you with the knowledge and counseling to develop better and sustainable habits for long-term health, and help you overcome any barriers along the way. EatLove can help you implement these changes at home by providing you detailed meal plans, prep schedules, grocery lists, food tracking, and more. It guides you towards getting in a rhythm and routine to adopt these habits for sustainable lifestyle changes. These meal plans take into account you and your family, so everyone benefits from an improved diet. Better nutrition leads to prevention or management of chronic disease, reduces healthcare costs, improves quality of life, and teaches the whole family habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to schedule your free set-up or “onboarding” consultation with Elissa. She will do a quick assessment of your medical history, goals, preferences, allergies, and lifestyle to determine the best plan for you. She will then set you up with a plan based on your nutrition prescription and give you a demo of the program. You will set up your log-in and then can immediately begin exploring your meal plan, prep schedules, grocery lists, and food tracking. You will receive a new meal plan every week that you are subscribed. EatLove now has its own app for Android and iOS devices, so you can use it on the go as well!

Not computer savvy? No problem. Elissa can send you a pdf of your meal plan.

Monthly Plan


Ideal for those wanting to get their feet wet and see how meal planning can transform your health.

3 Month Plan

$105 [22% Savings])

For those who have smaller health or weight change goals. A good starter package for those wanting to see the longer-term effects of meal planning.

6 Month Plan

$199 [26% Savings]

Ideal for the management of chronic diseases, substantial weight goals, or for anyone who needs extra support in making sustainable nutrition lifestyle changes.

Contact Elissa today to schedule your 15 minute set-up consultation so you can start eating better and stressing less. Call at 210-439-1714 or email **

**Please note that if you have certain underlying health conditions, a full initial nutritional counseling appointment may be recommended prior to setting up your meal planning program. Refer to the nutritional counseling page for more information on pricing and insurance information. Contact Elissa for questions and scheduling.