Food 4 Success, LLC is in network with the major insurance companies below and is a Medicare Part B Provider.

Insurance coverage for individual nutritional counseling can greatly vary depending on your type of policy. Food 4 Success, LLC can check eligibility of benefits for you once you schedule your appointment. A physician’s referral that includes relevant medical diagnostic codes is often required, and can be faxed to 830-730-5652.

Copays are due at time of visit. Eligibility of benefit quotes are NOT a guarantee of coverage. If insurance does not pay, patient has financial responsibility at time of service as required by our HMO/PPO contracts. Food 4 Success, LLC cannot become involved in coverage disputes.

Please note that Medicare Part B covers nutritional counseling services for diagnoses of diabetes and renal disease ONLY. A physician’s referral is required.


If your insurance does not provide nutritional counseling benefits, contact us for our cash-pay rates or take a look at our cost-saving private pay packages.