We are honored to be a part of your health journey and love celebrating your success. It is truly inspiring to witness!

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Food 4 Success’s EatLove is amazing. You do a really good job keeping the meals updated and giving lots of options. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s great how easy your EatLove website and app are to use. Now it’s almost like having a menu for healthy eating at my fingertips. I just choose the meal and follow the provided recipe. It even has a grocery list to add ingredients to cart. It’s so simple. Food4Success and EatLove have enabled me, coached me, and given me the confidence make healthy meal options to be a better me. Thank you Elissa Lueckemeyer RDN, LD.”



“I was diagnosed with gastritis and intestinal metaplasia and I have been experimenting alot of stomach pain and bloating and was not able to eat very much. I goggled the types of food that I should be eating but it was all vague and not helping me at all. I was so confused as to what I should really be eating so I hardly ate at all and that’s when I decided to get help with a Dietitian, so I made an appointment with Food 4 Success and made an appointment to see Elissa Lueckemeyer and that is what I needed. She was so knowledgeable and awesome. She help guide me as to which foods I should eat and and which one’s to stay away from, she also gave me recipe’s to help guide me. She showed me that she really cared about my health and because of her help. I’m able to eat foods that I like and help to heal my digestive system. I highly recommend Food 4 Success!”



“After being told that I had Type 2 diabetes I was sent to see Carrie to help with changes I needed to make to better take control of the diabetes. Carrie listened and she gave me the tools I needed to get my numbers under control. I followed the guidelines she gave me as best as I could and in 3 months I was able to cut my
A1C in half. My goal is continue to follow these tools/guidelines to eventually get off the meds and control my numbers
with my diet.”

-Joan M.


“When I went to see Elissa I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and need help with my eating habits and she did a great job in helping me. When I went to her my A1C was around 13.1 and within 3 months I dropped it to 5.4 with her help and guide. Thank You very Much Elissa.”



“Elissa is knowledgeable, pleasant and comprehensive.  During my first visit she came up with a plan to change my routine, improve my diet, and combat both my osteoporosis and reflux. Within two weeks this plan had given a boost to my overall health.”



“Now, I know ”results” are a consideration when you take the leap to sign up for a program like [The RESET 10 week online Program]. I want to tell you again that my favorite results are that I have learned how to confront myself and learned how to make and achieve goals. However, I’ve also had measurable physical results. I lost 15 pounds. I went from 161 to 146. I reduced my waist by 1.5 inches, my hips by 1 inch, and my thighs by 1.5 inches. Together with Elissa, I decided to pursue maintenance instead of weight loss, and I maintained these results throughout the remainder of the program.

-Lani P.

“My symptoms included overweight, high blood sugar and blood pressure. Before coming to Food 4 Success, my medications were not working to keep my weight or blood sugar under control. With the education and better goals and better way to eat over a period of six months, I succeeded in lowering my sugar levels, weight, and blood pressure. My A1c started at 7.1 and brought it down to 6.5. Food 4 Success is worth the time to listen to all tips and suggestions offered by dietitians.”


“I have diabetes type II. On July 8, 2022 I reached my highest blood sugar reading of 308. My doctor ordered that I start insulin. requested help for a nutrition expert. I explained to my doctor that I did not “understand” food and the consequences it could have over the health of my body. She said OK, and set me up with a visit to Food 4 Success, LLC. I explained to Carrie that I needed to get my blood sugars and A1c down. She began to teach me. My “new numbers” range from 107 to 143. I have lost 8 pounds. I’m beginning to feel better. I’m never hungry.
Take the information they provide and take it to heart. They are all about your good health and longevity. It’s crazy not to try. Every time I see Carrie, she teach mes me more. It’s all new to me but, I need to keep learning. I am blessed to have her guidance. My family doctor loves the new results.”

-Leopoldo H.