That title got your attention right? This week I received the following question regarding candy from

I have type 2 diabetes.  I’m kind of addicted to Jawbreaker candy (especially fireballs).  How harmful is it to eat these candies and what alternatives should I try… Is fruit a good alternative?

Yes, you nailed it on the head. Fruit is a great alternative to candy. Now while I think its okay to treat yourself now and then, it is important to consider that Jawbreakers (and other similar candies) have about 15 grams carbohydrate and 15 grams of sugar per 1 serving, which is about 6 small Jawbreakers.

Now that’s not the worst of the candies out there nutritionally, however you should note that it provides very little, nutritionally. If you have fruit instead for a dessert, maybe with some low-fat yogurt or light whipped topping, you add vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber to your daily diet, all which are very important, especially in diabetes.

So when you crave sweet, try the fruit first. If you want a jaw breaker once in a while, it’s okay, just be aware of its carbohydrate and sugar content and take it into account with your daily carb budget.  Just don’t really break a jaw on them…in my experience puree diets can get old.

                                   Which do you think your body would appreciate more
 long-term?  🙂

Until next time!!