Hello all. Although it has been literally years since last posting, I have not forgotten my little nutrition blog. The past couple years has brought a whirl-wind of wonderful changes in my life: new jobs as a dietitian, met and married the love of my life, Michael, and just 2 weeks ago, had a beautiful baby boy, Matthew. You may have noticed I changed the title of my blog in hopes to address a broader range of nutritional topics. It is based off my personal philosophy that when it comes to food, the simpler and less it is messed with the better.  I encourage the returning trend of whole foods free of preservatives, dyes, etc. and promote cooking from scratch at home. I hope to also provide helpful tips targeted towards busy families, promoting their involvement in cooking and in meal time. In addition, nutritional concerns such as obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease can be addressed by this way of thinking as well. There is no need for questionable weight loss supplements or expensive diet programs. It just takes a little planning and education on what is going on with our nation’s food supply today.

As a new and deliriously sleep-deprived mother, my writing skills are probably not up to par, but I hope to settle into a routine where I can again provide some helpful and reliable nutritional advice to anyone that comes across this blog.

Ok, now I must do the parent thing and show off my beautiful baby:{14e12673-ead7-4dae-bab0-2cda9a6f918c}_2


Stay tuned for more!