As most of you can relate, life is so, so busy right now. I thought since becoming a “mostly” stay at home mom to a 4 month old, (only having to go to work a few hours a week) I would have more time to do all sorts of things. I was sorely mistaken. I know all you experienced mothers out there must be throwing your heads back laughing at this naïve assumption. Live and learn. As busy as it is though, I love being there for my babbly little cutie-pie who is probably the most photographed child in Facebook history. I just can’t help myself.

With all the sweet chaos though, I realized I was actually taking in very little calories because I was never finishing a used-to-be warm meal. This got me in trouble with my milk supply – something incredibly stressful for any new mom (which also doesn’t help milk supply.) I found that slurping on a smoothie in between meals or as a quick breakfast helped with this a lot. Here is one of my favorite, nutritious smoothies that is great for anyone in a hurry:

Peanut-Butter Banana Smoothie

1 20141111_135645banana
1 heaping Tablespoon peanut butter
6 ice cubes
1 cup almond milk
1/2 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder (optional, but a must for me..yum.)

Blend it all together and serve. A friend of mine recommended freezing some peeled bananas for a frost-ier treat. It is also a great idea when you don’t have time to keep buying fresh bananas, or if they go mushy before you can get your hands on them.

Easy as pie. Mmmm..pie 🙂