Well hello everybody! It has been awhile. On May 15th, our beautiful daughter Emily made her debut. We’ve been a tad busy around here but are head over heels in love. It has been so much fun becoming a family of 4 and watching my now 3 year old son become such a sweet big brother.

Photo cred: Capture Life Beautiful Photography

My maternity leave has been full of…let’s say….adventure. And sweet baby cuddles. But sometimes during those late-night feedings the wheels in my head were grinding (my husband will say, “oh is that what that smell is?”) on ideas that I could bring to the table (no nutrition pun intended). Last week was my first time back seeing my wonderful clients, and now that I’m back in the groove of things, I wanted to take the opportunity now to share some upcoming projects I am working on. Here are a few things you can expect to see from Food 4 Success, LLC in the coming months!

  • MORE webinars. We all are so busy, and it is so hard to make time for ourselves. Thanks to technology, you can learn how to eat better from the convenience of anywhere, anytime, with just a click on my website. Right now I have available my Carbohydrate Counting Made Easy recorded webinar – which is my most popular course for diabetes management and weight loss. Expect to see more scheduled live webinars for the opportunity to have Q & A with me, and also courses on the following:
    Gestational Diabetes
    Eating Smart for Your Heart
    Grocery Shopping Smarts and Label Reading
  • MORE recipes and nutrition tips. Stay tuned for more deliciously simple recipes, as well as advice on the latest trends and your most asked nutrition questions.
  • Our new Mailing List! If you want to receive special promotions on webinars, are on the look out for new recipe ideas, or want credible nutrition tips you can use in your day-to-day life delivered straight to your inbox, sign up on my homepage and get a free snack idea list!
  • Corporate wellness. Does your organization want healthier employees? I’m at your service to provide classes on any nutrition topic desired. Just contact me on my website or at Elissa@food4success.com.
  • Come see me! Sometimes it is just best to get a personalized session tailored exactly to YOUR needs, lifestyle, and medical background. We’re all different, why would we all need to eat the same way?

Now here’s where I’d LOVE your help. I want to know what topics interest you. Please feel free to comment about what you would like to learn more about, and as a registered dietitian, I will make sure you get CREDIBLE and scientific-based nutrition information that will help you lead a healthier life. Don’t be shy!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more food, fun, and nutrition tips in the coming months!